Normandy landing beaches tour guide

Normandy Battle Guide is a specialist guiding service of the Normandy landing beaches and battlefields, and Michael Smith is the owner and principal guide.

He has been guiding visitors to Europe for more than forty years, and is just as enthusiastic now as on the first tour he conducted in 1968.

Visiting the Normandy landing beaches and battlegrounds is a pilgrimage. Many visitors will be visiting battle sites where their relatives fought and died and we are always sensitive to this.

Learn the background of how Hitler came to power, and the subsequent subjugation of Europe under the jackboot. Hear about the ‘forgotten’ but crucial fronts; North Africa, Russia, Italy.

Visit the Normandy Beaches, the sites of the D-Day Landings, for an unforgettable and moving experience: Utah Beach, Omaha Beach, Point du Hoc with its massive shell craters, the American Cemetery at Colleville-sur-Mer, the German guns and bunkers, still in place.

Visit a museum with unique wartime film footage taken by both sides of the conflict. Visit the Gold, Sword and Juno Beaches, to include Mulberry Harbour, Pegasus Bridge, as well as the beautiful Normandy countryside and villages. Your tour is orientated toward your interests and background.


About Michael Smith

Michael Smith is a French government approved bilingual guide/interpreter. All guides employed by him are suitably qualified. He is happy to work with any size and type of group, from an individual to groups of fifty plus, from school groups to individuals wanted to find ancestors who served here.

Michael has a licence to drive all types of passenger vehicles, from the smallest car to the largest touring bus, if necessary. He can provide the vehicle to suit your requirements or if you have your own vehicle, whether it be a car, a minibus or a touring coach, the rates for guiding only are very competitive.

As a licensed national guide/interpreter, Michael is allowed to guide in other regions of France, so that you could combine your trip with a visit to the battlefields of the Somme, or sightseeing in Paris.

We can arrange, at cost, accommodation of any kind for you. We can put together itineraries to suit your particular interest or nationality.

Importantly, in this age when we all depend on the internet, more than 80% of our work is from recommendation or repeat business. Michael is not here to show how much he knows, but to share an experience, and to learn from you, about your lives, your experiences.

Normandy is not just about war. It is also a lovely and interesting region. I know that some people want to see more than just the war sites, so why not add in a garden, a steam train ride or a farm visit?

When you contact Michael he will give you a quote. If you decide not to use his services he won’t be in the least offended. We believe, though, that our prices won’t be bettered for the level of service offered. Bear in mind that Michael is approved by the French government and by local tourist offices.


Normandy battlefiled tour guide
Michael Smith's Guiding Licence

Michael Smith - tour guide for the Normandy landing beaches
Michael Smith


‘Our thanks to Michael Smith for being our guide and showing us his wealth of knowledge on the whole subject of Normandy’
European War Museum

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